On March 3, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies shot a man in Carnuel, near N.M. 333 and mile marker 2.

The man’s status, as of 2 p.m. March 3 was that he was headed to surgery at a local hospital, according to spokesman Connor Otero.

Sheriff Manuel Gonzales said, “Deputies received multiple calls of a suspicious male walking on the jersey barriers against traffic on Interstate 40. We located him on Highway 333 after looking for him on I-40.”

A man was found walking along 333. According to Gonzales, he was “refusing to obey any type of verbal commands and the person did have a firearm.” He added, “At some point during that interaction shots were fired by at least one of our deputies.”

According to Otero, the man was transported from the scene to a local hospital.

The freeway was shut down from 7 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. as a multiple-agency task force was investigating.

The task force investigation is being led by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s office, according to Otero; the team consists of Albuquerque Police Department, State Police, the District Attorney’s Office and Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

At the scene, several hours after the shooting, this reporter observed a car on the side of N.M. 333 that had more than one law enforcement vehicle near it, less than a mile away from the yellow tape, blocked freeway on-ramp and the rest of the law enforcement vehicles.

When The Independent asked Otero if the car was related to the shooting incident he replied by saying that “any follow up questions will be addressed at an upcoming press conference.” The day and time of the press conference is still unknown because the incident is “still under investigation,” he said.

Also at the scene were several other law enforcement vehicles which included a large black CSI van.

Otero did not give a description of the person who was shot. He also said that the investigation could take days.