The Estancia Basin Resource Association (EBRA) will hold its 13th annual meeting this month.

The event will be held Jan. 27 at 2 p.m. at the Moriarty Civic Center. All members, residents and others interested in water issues of the Estancia Basin are welcome and invited to attend.

In addition to reporting on its activities over the past year and electing board members, the meeting will include speakers from the State Engineer’s office who will address a variety of water rights issues.

Reports on water recharge studies following the Manzano forest fires will also be presented. Door prizes will be given and refreshments served.

Wayne Cannon of the New Mexico State Engineer’s office will address active and non-active water rights.

Many assume ownership of water rights to land, only to discover they have paid for rights that were never proved up or rights allowed to lapse through non-use. New Mexico has a use-or-lose basis for transferable water rights and the Estancia Basin is now being more rigorously administrated under the current State Engineer’s tenure.

Other questions of water rights may also be explained as well. State Engineer representatives will be available following the meeting and during breaks for individual questions.

David Chase of Hydro Solutions will give an update on well monitoring and water recharge studies which have been ongoing. Cody Stropki will report on watershed recovery efforts following the recent Manzano forest fires.

EBRA was formed 13 years ago as a non-profit organization for the purpose of protecting the Estancia Basin water resources from being exported out of the basin into surrounding urban development.