Edgewood town council is seeking community input on a proposed update of its 2015 ordinance requiring mandatory connection to sewer lines.

At its June 5 meeting, the council called for a public hearing June 19 to amend the sewer ordinance, “specifically as it relates to exemptions for mandatory connections for residential customers.”

The proposed ordinance states it will require residential “primary structure” connections to the system if the building is within 150 feet of a functioning sewer line that abuts the property.

It goes on to propose exemptions for “working, permitted, onsite” systems less than 15 years old, and older systems that have been inspected every five years. Working systems without a permit would be given “six months to provide proof of permit.”

The rest of the ordinance would remain the same.

According to the ordinance, industrial users, which includes restaurants, must have discharge evaluated by the town engineer on a case-by-case basis to determine any required pretreatment and reporting.

The ordinance provides a non-comprehensive list of industrial businesses including: auto body repair and paint shops; auto repair; auto wash; bakeries; battery manufacturing; cooling plants; dairies; dry cleaners; eating establishments; electroplating and metal finishing; explosives and ammunition; fuel-oil dealers; funeral services; gasoline service stations; gum and wood chemical manufacturing; hospital and medical offices, among others.

While the ordinance provides for the possibility of an official moratorium on connecting to the sewer system, no moratorium is in effect, according to councilor John Abrams.

The public hearing on the ordinance June 19 will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Edgewood town council chambers.

The current and proposed ordinances are on the town’s website, edgewood-nm.gov.