The Edgewood town council approved standard operating procedures for its police department and hired a clerk-treasurer among other business last week.

The standard operating procedures have been in the works for some time, and Edgewood’s police chief Fred Radosevich told The Independent recently that he wanted to get it finished before he retires next month.

The agenda items as presented would have had the council passing an “initial version” of the standard operating procedures, with another motion that would have given the mayor and administrator power to revise them and report changes to the council.

“It’s been a monumental task to try and put this all together,” Radosevich said. “I think it’s a good project. It’s a lot of work.”

Councilor Rita Loy Simmons made a motion to approve the initial version of the SOPs, seconded by John Abrams.

Councilor Chuck Ring asked Simmons if she would amend her motion that would make approval contingent on the recognition program being approved and that the document come back to the council for final review.

“I have some problems with the document,” Ring said, “but not severe enough or important enough to hold it up.”

Abrams objected to Ring’s proposed change to the motion and withdrew his second, saying that the department has to be accredited and that the motion to approve could not be contingent on anything because of that.

Simmons said she wanted her original motion to stand, and Abrams again offered his second. Ring was the only vote against approval of the initial version of the standard operating procedures, which passed.

On the next motion, which would have given power of revision to the mayor and the administrator, Councilor Sherry Abraham also said she thought the document should come back to the council for final approval. Abrams made a motion saying so, which passed unanimously.

The council also voted to hire Juan Torres, an Edgewood native and graduate of Moriarty High School, to be its new clerk-treasurer. Torres is currently employed by the City of Bernalillo.

“It’s a pleasure to be here,” Torres said. “I definitely like the opportunity to come back home and help our community grown, and make sure we grow in the correct way.”

He said he started with Bernalillo eight years ago, and has served as interim treasurer for six years.

In Bernalillo, he was in charge of utility billing, he said, adding that he is a certified procurement officer.

Current administrator Steve Shepherd is also retiring in a few weeks. “I got to sit in on the interview,” Shepherd said. “I was impressed with kind of the perfect fit that you are.”

The motion to hire Torres passed unanimously.

Interim clerk-treasurer Linda Holle was then transitioned to deputy treasurer.

In other business, the town has prepared a question and answer form for the infill annexation, which will be having a hearing before the Municipal Boundary Commission on April 22 at the Edgewood Community Center. For details, call the town office at 505-286-4518.