Edgewood’s virtual town council meeting devolved into chaos—after the councilors and acting mayor argued for a full hour about approval of the agenda.

The Independent was not available to livestream the meeting, as it was not alerted until 4 p.m. on the day of the meeting, (which was not on the town’s normal schedule of second and fourth Wednesdays).

The public can also participate on a platform called GoToMeeting, which is essentially a large-scale conference call, and a few dozen people had called in to listen or to comment.

After much arguing, public comment was added to the agenda—which is where the meeting went totally off the rails.

Only two voices could be heard clearly by those who dialed in, those of Councilor Audrey Jaramillo and town clerk Juan Torres. Words spoken by everyone else were muffled and could not be understood, except for a phrase or word here and there.

Someone then unmuted all participants at the same time, and the meeting erupted in a cacophony of barking dogs, television sets, and lots of people talking at the same time, trying to get in line to make comment.

Comments included many people saying they could not hear the proceedings.

After that, another argument ensued by the council about whether the meeting was invalid because the public couldn’t hear it, after which the governing body—having conducted no business—adjourned.

Edgewood’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10, which will be livestreamed on The Independent’s Facebook page.