It’s been almost two years coming, but last week Scott McCall was joined by the community when he cut the ribbon on Edgewood’s first hotel.

Dignitaries on hand to offer praise and encouragement included the town’s former mayor, Brad Hill, who was in office when the project started; current mayor John Bassett; the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce; the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association, or EVEDA, and a large contingent from the general public.

Both Hill and Bassett praised McCall—who is from Edgewood and has lived here his whole life minus his years in college—for working to develop the local economy. “It’s been a labor of love,” McCall said. “It was important to me as a citizen here to be able to do this.”

Describing it as a game of chicken, McCall said somebody had to go first. The hotel, at four stories and with 72 guest rooms, is a $6.5 million project; McCall and other family members put in a million as a down payment, he said.

The hotel will have 16 full-time employees.

The building is state of the art, McCall said, with a heating system that is expected to save the hotel 20 percent on electric bills, in addition to quieter operation and a cleaner profile on the outside of the building that he said seasoned travelers will be able to recognize from the freeway.

All of the lighting in the building is LED, which will also save on utility bills, McCall said. The hotel also sports a fitness room, a pool and hot tub, a laundry room and a meeting room that will host 12 to 14 people at a time.

The hotel is also equipped with Kinetico water softener for drinking water, ice, coffee and juice, he said.

Only 16 of the rooms are simple rooms, McCall said. Nine “extended stay” rooms have kitchenette facilities, with the other 47 rooms being suites. The price point will be about $10 to $15 higher than Moriarty, where McCall owns Comfort Inn, at over $100 a night, he said.

McCall had hoped to be open Oct. 1, before the Balloon Fiesta, but missed the mark by a few weeks due to delays in construction. “What’s been hard about this project is you can’t do it with the small, little contractors, but you can’t get the big guys either,” McCall explained. “This state has lost a lot of commercial contractors—surrounding states pay better.”

To contact the hotel, visit the Choice Hotels website, or contact Comfort Inn & Suites at 505-281-7000. The hotel is accepting bookings as of Oct. 31.

That “281” prefix on the phone number was important to McCall. “I worked hard to get that 281 phone number,” he said. “That’s what you do if you’re in Edgewood.”