Edgewood Police Department is fully staffed and at its largest since the department was created, with nine officers including the chief and sergeant.

That’s according to Police Chief Ron Crow, who said the most recent hire means he has enough officers that a minimum of two officers are on duty at all times.

Crow hired one officer, Jermaine Harris, in April; another, Armando Campos, in July; and the third, James Walker, this month. The budget cycle that started in July included an increase of one position for the department, Crow said.

“It’s the largest this agency has ever been,” Crow said, adding, “For shift work it’s amazing what a difference one position makes. … It doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a big step for us.”

Harris is a certified officer with one year of experience with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s department, meaning he is familiar with the Edgewood area, Crow said.

With inexperienced officers, the chief said, “You don’t incorporate any bad habits or get a disgruntled employee—at east you shouldn’t in that point of a career. You get to train him to your standards or the need of a community.”

Harris is planning to relocate from Santa Fe to the Edgewood area, Crow said.

Campos comes to the department with four years of experience, from De Baca County, in the Fort Sumner area. He is also a certified police officer.

Like Harris, he is eager to work and loves his job, Crow said. Campos is married and expecting his first child around the beginning of the year, the chief said.

Walker was formerly a military police officer in the U.S. Air Force, working for about three years at Kirtland Air Force Base, Crow said. He will undergo an abbreviated certification course. Walker lives in the Moriarty area and is also expecting his first child in about a month, Crow said.

“I’d like to see continued growth in the department as far as training and personnel,” Crow said, adding that he will continue with training, with the aim being that all officers are trained in interviews, interrogations and crime scene processing.

The department has a Facebook page, and can be reached at 505-281-5717.