Some customers may have had the blues at Dough Re Mi Bake Shop this past weekend, but they tipped their wait staff handsomely anyway. That’s because those waiters were Edgewood police officers, who stepped in to wait tables, make coffee and other drinks, and hope for big tips—because the tips will benefit the Special Olympics.

It’s the first time Tip-a-Cop has come to Edgewood, according to Police Chief Ron Crow, who admitted that his staff “make the worst chai latte that is out there.”

The department, along with emergency responders around the state, will take part in a torch run to bring the flame to the Special Olympics on May 19. So leading up to that event,  in which Crow said he will run, the department decided to get into the fun by waiting tables for a cause.

Officer Jason Hunter took the lead in organizing the Tip-a-Cop events, which started this past weekend and will continue every two weeks until the torch run. “I planned the event at [Dough Re Mi] bakery,” Hunter explained. “It was our first Tip-a-Cop, and we wanted to start small—but the turnout was huge.

Both Hunter and Crow laughed about the sight of a half dozen police officers tripping over each other in the small space, which was packed with people eager to meet the local force and support the fundraiser.

Crow said the event is both a fundraiser and a way for his officers to meet the community and vice-versa, under happy circumstances. “It’s a great community event for us,” he said. “We are called out to nothing but the bad in life, the worst of the worst. Domestic violence, burglary. It’s a great opportunity for our officers to interact with the public in a positive light.”

“I think it shows the community that we’re people just like they are,” Hunter said.

The funds raised will help Special Olympians and their families with expenses associated with competing, like travel, lodging and food, Crow said.

“We want to watch the Special Olympics to let them know they’re important to us,” Hunter said.

Crow said there are many members of the community who participate in the Special Olympics. “Several of those have very personal relationships with our officers, and they encouraged us to reach out for this event. It’s such a great program for families in need.”

Upcoming Tip-a-Cop events will be April 14 at Chili Hills restaurant from 3 to 7 p.m.; April 29 at Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill from 2 to 6 p.m. and May 13 at Denny’s from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The torch run will be May 19. For more information, contact the Edgewood Police Department at 505-281-5717.