Edgewood resident Susan Simons is working to get Sunday alcohol sales on the ballot along with the municipal election in March.

Simons said the measure was on the ballot in Edgewood once before, but failed. She is pushing the petition this time in hopes of increasing gross receipts taxes in the town coffers.

Even though tax revenue from alcohol sales goes to the state, not to the municipality, Simons says that purchases made along with alcohol would financially benefit the town.

Edgewood’s current gross receipts tax rate is over 8 percent and will increase Jan. 1; those funds are distributed back to counties, municipalities and other entities.

According to Simons’ research, the average of Smith’s alcohol sales on Sunday in White Rock, Los Lunas and Grants are about $7,000 daily. In Edgewood, both Smith’s and Walmart sell package liquor.

In order to get on the ballot for the March 6 election, approximately 250 signatures of registered voters living inside the town limits have to be turned in to the Secretary of State by the first week in January.

To contact Simons, email susan.simons49@gmail.com. She is interested in talking to homeowners organizations, and has petitions that others can share if interested.

Simons has said she will seek a seat on Edgewood’s town council in that same March 6 election. If elected, she will no longer be able to advocate for the measure.