Edgewood town council on June 19 called for a public hearing on July 3 regarding a proposed replacement for the existing parks and recreation ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would make changes to the parks and rec advisory committee, creating a five-member board, down from six. Those members would be appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the town council.

That would replace the current procedure of having two members chosen by the mayor and the remaining four chosen by each of the four councilors.

Term lengths would also change from three years to two. Meetings would be held quarterly.

Another structural change in the proposed ordinance would eliminate sub-committees.

The committee would continue to report to the parks and rec administrator who in turn reports to the mayor and town council.

If the ordinance is approved in its present form, the function of the committee would include mandatory annual visits to “each of the towns parks, open-spaces, trails and programs,” and reports on “current conditions, recommendations, repairs, upgrades and concerns.”

Additionally, the proposed ordinance states that it is the duty of the committee to “serve as a public forum for discussion of Parks & Recreation related issues,” and to “encourage the greatest use of Parks and Recreation programs.”

Also, at the June 19 Edgewood town council meeting the council, following public discussion, voted unanimously to approve proposed amendments to the towns sewer ordinance that provide conditions for exempting residential connections.

During public discussion the idea of providing an appeal process for a variance was suggested as well as an exemption for hardship.

Mayor John Bassett said, “I think the hardship is an idea worth looking into, as is the variance. That’s not a bad idea either.”

Councilor John Abrams said, “This is a working document. Any suggestions you might have for us, please bring to us. We will be revising this as the town changes.”