No one from the public chose to speak when Edgewood’s town council approved replacement of a subdivision ordinance by unanimous vote. 

Ordinance 2019-04 became law Nov. 6, only making changes to procedures for appealing a decision by Planning & Zoning.

The previous ordinance said if a person was unhappy with a Planning & Zoning decision, they could submit to the P&Z office a written “application” to appeal to town council.

That was changed to read that a person, “may appeal to the Town Council by submitting a written notice of appeal within 15 days of the Commission’s final decision” to the town clerk.

A new provision states that one who appeals is restricted from introducing new information.

New changes make it incumbent upon P&Z to produce written decisions, and provide findings and conclusions; and P&Z must provide all such documents to the town council upon notice of appeal. A decision by the council “shall be” based on the same information available to P&Z, the ordinance states.

The council has the option to “affirm, reverse, or modify the recommendations” by P&Z, according to the new ordinance—and council also may send it back to that body for reconsideration.

A new provision says a decision is not final until it is “adopted on the record” by P&Z.

The ordinance says residents may appeal a decision by the council to the First Judicial District Court but removed references to district court actions and a requirement to simultaneously file an appeal with the town when filing in district court.

The same provisions appear in a new P&Z ordinance adopted unanimously earlier in the meeting.