This year the record for largest pumpkin in New Mexico was broken by a family in Edgewood.

Their prize pumpkin weighed in at 560 pounds beating the previous state record of 532 pounds. Nicole Marquez, her husband Aaron Price, and their children Aramus, Novalee and Paislee Price grew the pumpkin in their family garden this year.

The pumpkin was entered into the State Fair’s annual competition. After the weigh in this week, the squash was so large it couldn’t fit inside the glass enclosures used for the prize vegetables every year.

Edgewood’s mega-pumpkin ended up with its own display, as the only other giant pumpkin entry declined to have his 200-plus pound pumpkin sit next to the prize winner on account of the sheer size difference. Both pumpkins can be found at the state fairgrounds in Albuquerque until September 18.

On harvest day, the family brought in a forklift. Marquez said they started by digging a hole in the garden bed next to the pumpkin, where they placed a padded pallet so the pumpkin could be moved onto it easier.

The pallet made loading it onto a trailer a lot easier in combination with the forklift. The family took the pumpkin to the State Fair at the beginning of the week.

“Getting the pumpkin to the fair was funny,” Marquez said. “People were gawking at us and stopping to pull out their phones and get pictures of this huge pumpkin on a trailer driving through the city.”

Arriving at the fairgrounds with giant pumpkin in tow, the family got lost. It was their first time entering anything in the fair.

“I had never been to the fair like that before. I had last been maybe 20 years ago and never the behind-the-scenes part of it,” Marquez said. “We spent two hours driving around trying to find the place we were supposed to be.”

Marquez said her husband estimated the pumpkin would weigh in at 600 pounds on harvest day, an estimate that wasn’t far off due to the many calculations he did while it was growing, she said.

“The kids thought it was really fun. We hope next year we can get an even bigger one!” Marquez said.

She also said she has received many messages from people asking for seeds for next year and she has happily obliged. She said she would love to have a local giant pumpkin competition next year in the East Mountains.