Edgewood Police Chief Darrell Sanchez said he’s never received as many Christmas goodies as he has than being with Edgewood PD.

“We got some [at my old positions], but not to this amount,” he said. “The amount is what’s kind of flabbergasting to me. I’m used to, you know, you get a couple things from the community, but over here, as far as in my eyes, it’s a lot.”

Sanchez said Edgewood’s police department has gotten goodies from private citizens, churches, and different groups in the community, and while he’s not used to the influx, all the officers that have been with the department longer say this is a normal thing.

“[We’ve received] lots of Christmas cookies, we’ve gotten fudge, pumpkin cookies, … oatmeal cookies, I mean everything that we’ve gotten for the most part is homemade,” he said. “There were candy canes filled with M&Ms, one for each officer. We’ve gotten cards with all of them saying ‘Thank you for your service, appreciate what you do for our community,’ that type of thing. For me, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m just glad to see the community supports the police department that much.”

Sanchez said he thinks the gifts are because the community and the Edgewood police have established a positive relationship with one another. “I think a lot of it has to do with some of the things that are happening in the country when it comes to law-enforcement, and this community doesn’t buy into that, and they want to let the officers know and the department know that there is support for them out there,” he said.

Sanchez also said all the goodies get eaten and the other officers love the treats just as much as he does.

Prairie Falcons 4H Club dropped off goodie bags for the Edgewood Police Department. Photo from EPD’s Facebook page.

“It gets picked at, believe me,” he said. “I probably had a little more than I should have, but the guys really do eat it, they eat it. It sits out there, and they come to the office and there’s cookies there, they’ll have a cookie and … within a week, two weeks it’s all gone.”

The department is giving back to the community as well, Sanchez said, and sponsoring at least five to six families in need this holiday season. “We’ll try to make sure the children have gifts, and we’ll provide them a Christmas dinner, a turkey or a ham, and make sure that the family gets something to have their Christmas dinner,” he said.

Sanchez said families in need should contact Edgewood PD for an application by Monday Dec. 21 at the absolute latest. The number is 505-281-5717.