Edgewood will be putting its old town office up for sale, among other business at a sparsely attended council meeting Sept. 18.

In other business, the town will go out for bid on placement of a pedestrian bridge across the Bachelor Draw near the town’s recreation fields. The council also made an appointment to its Parks and Recreation advisory committee, and a former councilor brought forward a town resolution the town passed in 2004 governing how agenda items are placed.

Councilor Sherry Abraham expressed her wish that discussion of the sale of the old town hall building be in the open session for the public to hear, but it was taken into closed session briefly, where no decisions were made.

Back in open session, the councilors voted unanimously to hire a professional real estate broker and to list the property for sale or lease. No price for the property was mentioned in open session.

The council also unanimously voted to issue a request for bids for construction and placement of the pedestrian bridge across Bachelor Draw, which town clerk-treasurer Juan Torres told The Independent would cost approximately half a million dollars.

Torres said that is due to requirements for environmental and studies attached to the use of federal dollars.

Edgewood will file an application for financial assistance from the New Mexico Water Trust Board for the project, which would eventually link walking trails from First Choice Medical Center to the recreation field.

The council voted unanimously to approve Ben Wiltbank as a full-time member of the Parks and Recreation advisory committee, where he will move up from the alternate position.

That appointment leaves two of five committee positions open.

During the public comment period, former councilor Chuck Ring brought a copy of a resolution the town passed in 2004, laying out the way agenda items may be placed for consideration.

Ring said the intention of the resolution in 2004 was to allow any council member to place an item on the agenda.

The resolution says that the clerk-treasurer will place items on the agenda if called for by resolution, the mayor, or “by a majority of the Governing Body.”

Abraham suggested that Ring be put on the next agenda and given time to clarify.

Bassett and councilor John Abrams expressed concern that allowing individuals to place “frivolous” items on the agenda would waste the governing body’s time, and suggested that Abraham and Jaramillo should converse with Ring outside of the town hall and rewrite the resolution so that it is without question.

Jaramillo said that she had revised it, with the help of Ring, last year, and had brought it to the mayor, but her revision had not made it to the agenda to be discussed and voted on.