Residents should be alert for a scam involving Central New Mexico Electric Co-op, according to its marketing coordinator, Curtis Belcher.

The electric utility has gotten several phone calls, including one from The Independent, to report a caller who says the business’ electricity will be turned off due to non-payment.

Belcher said the co-op is reporting all such calls to the Attorney General’s office, and is asking anyone who has gotten such a call to contact CNMEC at 505-832-4483.

We won’t call and demand payment,” Belcher said, explaining that the utility’s new payment system doesn’t allow for payment by phone directly with a customer service representative any more. “We may call to say your are overdue, but we won’t ask for payment or any type of credit card information.”

Those collection calls are noted on a member of the co-op’s account and can be verified, Belcher said.