Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (1944) and Albuquerque resident Ernie Pyle (1900-1945) was widely recognized as the “greatest war correspondent of World War ll.” A roving reporter and columnist who traveled alongside the American infantry in World War II and wrote about the daily lives of average soldiers, Pyle was, in the words of Staff Sergeant Ralph D. Martin, correspondent for the military newspaper Stars & Stripes, “simply, honestly, better than anybody else, he was the one who told [the American people] just how the American soldier was living…just what his thoughts and worries and daily problems were…a GI-wise gypsy.”

The Manzano Mountainair Art Council in partnership with the New Mexico Humanities Council presents Ernie Pyle: A GI-Wise Gypsy, an exhibition featuring newspaper column excerpts and photographs from Pyle’s work and life. The exhibit runs June 15 through July 20 with a June 30 reception and conversation with historians and editors of Ernie Pyle: Tributes to America’s Best Loved Newspaper Columnist, Baldwin G. Burr and Richard Melzer.

This program is part of the Democracy and the Informed Citizen Initiative, administered by the Federation of State Humanities Councils. The initiative seeks to deepen the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the vital connections between democracy, the humanities, journalism, and an informed citizenry. Manzano Mountainair Art Council is located in Mountainair. Visit manzanomountainartcouncil.org or nmhum.org for additional information.