Estancia Chapter FFA officers attended the District III COLT Leadership conference Aug. 29, in Los Lunas.

Among those in attendance were Daniel Lujan (President), Anne Everett (Vice President), Matthew C. Lindeman (Reporter), Arliss Cpicture1orliss (Treasurer), Luke Fastnacht (Sentinel), Andrew Lujan (Secretary), and Luke Pope (Chaplain).

The New Mexico District III FFA divided attendees by their respective offices for training purposes and awarded the most enthusiastic and intuitive officers.

Estancia FFA officers who earned this award were Daniel Lujan, Matthew C. Lindeman and Luke Fastnacht.

District III FFA officers, led by District President Kristie Gallacher, managed the event, and National FFA Central Region Vice President Abrah Meyer spoke, helping to inspire chapter officers to be more involved in their leadership.

The conference was attended by chapters from Moriarty, Vaughn, Magdalena, picture2Capitán, Corona, Belen, Los Lunas, Valencia, Mountainair, Soccoro, Quemado, Carrizozo and Estancia.

At the State Fair, Estancia FFA helped host the Red Barn, to promote agricultural education. It is run by the state FFA officers and assisted by local chapters.

Estancia FFA officers were were on hand Sept. 14. Officers in attendance included Daniel Lujan, Anne Everett, Arliss Corliss, Luke Fastnacht, Andrew Lujan, and Luke Pope.

They held animals so that passersby could pet them. The majority of people who came to pet the animals were children who would not otherwise have the chance to interact with the animals.