On Oct. 23, Estancia FFA had its local Creed Contest. There were two classes of competition, the Discovery class, made up of 7th- and 8th-graders, and the Greenhand class, made up of 9th-grade students. The FFA Creed contest consists of an oral presentation from each student with questions about the Creed being asked at the end of the presentation.

Greenhand winners, left to right: Jonathan Aday, Alexia Triantafillou, Martina Lucero, Kimber Perkins, Ambros Kelly. Photo by Matthew Lindeman, Estancia FFA Reporter.

In the Discovery competition, 19 members participated with Sophia Sedillo placing first, Jayde Perea placing second, Peyton Otis placing third, Abelino Ortiz placing fourth, and Colin Pope placing fifth.

Other competitors included Adylay Bustillos, Alayna Thomas, Alona Sosa, Trinity Lucero, Destiny Lucero, Katelyn Garcia, Jacqueline Carreon, Nayely Cuevas, Anisa Parra, Pieter Grobler, Gilberto Sanchez, Jace Solomon and Luis Olivas.

For the Greenhands, Jonathan Aday placed first, Lexi Triantafillou placed second, Marina Lucero placed third, Kimber Perkins placed fourth, and Ambrose Kelly placed fifth. Other competitors included Cheyenne Woodford, Kassidy Maberry, and Natalio Hernandez.

Estancia FFA would like to congratulate the winners and commend every member for their involvement in the Creed Contest.