At Estancia High School, a small chapter of an organization is working hard to get ourselves to a national competition: Estancia Business Professionals of America, or BPA, has been coming up with creative ways to raise funds to get to Orlando, Florida.

Recently, the 13 members of this chapter have put on a carnival, two bake sales, and a Valentine Gram special. We are planning on hosting a spaghetti bingo dinner and raffle at the Estancia High School cafeteria on April 26.

As another fundraiser, we decided to sell Easter Bunny Grams until April 13. The Bunny Grams can be bought at any one of the Estancia Schools. On April 8, Estancia BPA will be putting on a bake sale at the Walmart in Edgewood.

A few of the members have written about their own individual events:

My name is Lauren Jones and I am senior at Estancia High School. I placed first at the BPA State Leadership Conference in Medical Office Procedures. For this event, I had to complete a multiple choice test, define medical abbreviations, and format a medical document.

My name is Sierra Fullerton and I’m a sophomore at Estancia High School. I got second place in the open event known as administrative support concepts. It’s a short 50-question test that quizzes you on your ability to figure percentages, averages, and asks you common-sense business questions. You don’t have a study sheet so when you go to take the test, you answer the questions to the best of your abilities. This was one of the open events I enjoyed most!

My name is Paloma Muñoz and my team and I have done website design team for two years. Our team consists of Zantaysah Deleon, Daniel Lovato, Raul Zubia and me. Our team developed a website for at home DIY projects for all different people. It consists of projects for males, females, and especially children. At regionals, we competed and got first place, meaning we advanced to the state competition. There we competed and got second place; now we are advancing to Nationals which is held this year at Orlando, Fla. We hope to do well and make our state proud by representing them at Nationals.

The members of Estancia BPA are asking for anyone to please, if they have any free time, to help by either donating or attending any of these events. Checks can be made out to Estancia BPA. We would like to thank you and all the others who have helped us thus far.