Good morning, EM Residents,     

Friday this week has been forecast to be a significant critical fire weather day. Wind speeds across the region will reach dangerous levels. On top of this ‘red flag ‘ conditions will prevail almost from border to border for an extended period of the day. Certainly our area will be center stage for critical fire weather tomorrow. The latest National Weather Service (NWS/NOAA) forecast shows ‘red flag’ conditions for 12 hours on Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Winds will be out of the south/southwest at 35-45 mph, gusting to 60 mph; relative humidity will fall to between 5-10 per cent during this period. The official NWS forecast is linked here.

We remind you to follow the NWS/NOAA guidelines as stated in the forecast and remember that conditions before and after the ‘red flag’ times are still dangerous, so maintain your awareness all day tomorrow.      We have been experiencing multiple days of critical fire weather since early April. We cannot stress enough how we all need to maintain our vigilance. One adage that comes to mind is “if you see something, say something”. This is a saying that when it comes to wildfire in our region, it is of crucial importance. Always, Be aware and prepared!  Thank you for your cooperation and support!

East Mountain Interagency Fire Protection Association (EMIFPA) Fire and Emergency Management Agencies