By Leota Harriman

A local repair shop is once again giving away a vehicle to someone in the community—this year a family car.

David Saline and Lynetta Rogers are a husband and wife team who own 2nd to None Service in Moriarty, and this year the business is giving away a Dodge Grand Caravan, and hope to find a deserving family. This is the fourth year 2nd to None has teamed up with Tavenner’s Towing on the giveaway.

dodge-caravanThe winner of the free vehicle will be announced during Moriarty High School’s Sept. 18 homecoming football game, at halftime. “The big thing on that is we want to support the community that makes our business successful,” Saline said. “At the same time, we know there’s people in need and that we hope by giving them a hand up, that in turn will cause them to do the same in the future, making our community a better place to live when we have more people doing things like this.”

Rogers said similar giveaways happen around the country. “David and I are in a Top 20 group for independent shop owners, and the group gets together every year and gives away a car to a needy member in their community,” she said. “This happens all across the nation and we love the idea.”

The idea is to find a person “who is down on their luck but is still able to give back to the community even though they are in need themselves,” Rogers said. No self-nominations are allowed, and certain other conditions apply, like the recipient of the car must be able to afford to insure and register it. “We want somebody to recognize the good in others,” she explained.

Saline said the “odds are good” because each year the business gets 10 to 15 nominations. So far they only have one, he said, with the deadline for nominations coming up Sept. 15.

The repair shop does all of the work on the vehicle and provides parts as needed, Saline said.

He said he’s a third-generation native of the Estancia Valley; his wife said she has been in the area “only since 1988.” “It’s definitely a vested interest in the community to make it a better place to live,” Saline said.

A committee decides who will get the vehicle, with neither Saline nor Rogers as part of that choice. “We try to keep it as fair as possible,” he said.

To make a nomination, visit where the application form can be found, or use the one printed in The Independent. Or call the shop at 505-832-9090, or just stop by for a nomination form, Rogers said. Residents of the Estancia Valley and East Mountains will be considered.