Girl Scout Cookies are back on sale, but the way you can buy them is a little different this year, said Kristi Pohl, a volunteer with the organization.

“There’s going to be a lot less cookie booths out in front of the stores,” she said. “We’re encouraged to do drive-through booths instead, so there are some locations of businesses that are letting us use their parking lots to do drive-through. They’re just really stressing keeping customers 6 feet away, wearing masks and those things.”

Another new feature this year, Pohl said, is the ability to go online and search for troops to buy from in your area.

Pohl said anyone can visit, put in their zip code, and buy from their local troop online, or find where the troop will be holding a drive-thru booth. “The troops just sign up for the booths as they want to and feel comfortable doing,” she said.

So far, Girl Scouts drive-thru booths will be located at Triangle Grocery Store in Cedar Crest, Ribs in Cedar Crest, Tillery Chevrolet in Moriarty, and East Mountain Roofing in Edgewood, Pohl said, but the list will be updated online if other places volunteer.

“We’ll probably rotate between Sandia Park, Cedar Crest, Edgewood, and I think there’s a troop in Mountainair,” she said. “So, the troops will rotate between, I think we have eight or nine troops out here.”

Pohl said the money the girls raise selling cookies all stays in New Mexico.

“Some goes to the council, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails, to help all the girls in our council,” she said. “Then a portion of it stays with the individual troops, and then the troops use their funds to buy badges that we’ve earned, to send the girls to camp, to help with supplies needed for the badge work, or any activities that the troops want to do.”

She also said the cookie line-up hasn’t changed since last year, with the top two sellers being Thin Mints and Samoas, but she also said Trefoils the most underrated cookie.

“It’s kind of plain shortbread, but it’s very versatile,” she said. “You can crunch it up on ice cream, you can dunk it In your coffee or hot cocoa.”

Girl Scout Cookies will be available through March 21, and booth sales start Feb. 26. Every box is $5.