One of Moriarty High School’s track competitors earned a medal early in the day, and the boys’ 4×400 team captured one just before the end of competition at the Class 4A state track and field championships, June 25 at the University of New Mexico track and soccer complex in Albuquerque.

Rising senior Nicole Wells, ping-ponging between separate events that she was competing in, placed third in the triple jump. It was her first-ever medal in track. The four points Wells’ earned for her third-place finish accounted for all of Moriarty’s girls’ team’s total points.

“I didn’t think I was gonna place, I had a lot of nerves coming in cuz there’s a lot of girls ahead of me, but I just trusted [coach] Allcorn and I was happy that I jumped that far,” Wells said.

Wells also competed in the long jump and the high jump competitions.

With the high jump going on at the same time as the triple jump, Wells had to take her turn in one event and then hustle over to the other and jump again.

“At first it was a little tiring because I was going back and forth, but truly it was exciting to be able to go do high jump and then come back and do triple jump,” Wells said.

Wells didn’t place in either the long jump or the high jump events, but she elevated her game in the triple jump, notched a personal record for the season and took home the bronze medal. “It’s super-cool, it’s exciting,” Wells said.

Moriarty graduated senior Justin Carmona got to climb the podium for the first time after finishing sixth in the boys triple jump.

“It feels cool, seeing like the crowd in front of you, it’s a new experience, it’s nice, it’s exciting,” Carmona said.

Moriarty’s boys’ 1,600-meter sprint-medley relay team had the lead in the third lap before getting passed by a few runners in the final lap but still ended up with a podium-worthy fourth-place finish.

“I know, and I let it go at the end,” Henry Schuett, who anchored the final leg of the race, said about giving up the lead.

Moriarty’s boys’ 4×200 team finished fifth. Moriarty’s girls’ relay teams didn’t place in their respective races—though some of them came in seventh, just missing a podium finish. But a couple of them clocked record times.

And in the final relay race, the boys’ 4×400 team of Schuett, Antonio Muñoz, David Vaquera, and Jaden Astorga-Bohanon grabbed Moriarty’s highest medal of the day.

Schuett ran the first leg before handing off the baton to Muñoz for the second leg. The team was pacing in second place during Vaquera’s leg when he passed the baton to Astorga-Bohanon for the anchor leg.

Astorga-Bohanon fell to third place halfway around the track but then he moved to the outside lane at the final turn, kicked it into gear for the last 100 meters and powered the team to a second-place finish and the silver medal.

“Man, my leg stared hurting so I started trotting, and then at the end, right at the start of 100 is when I started giving it my all,” Astorga-Bohanon said. “I had to man, either that or we get third.”

Head track and field coach Peter Romero said he was pleased with Moriarty’s overall results.

“Nicole’s triple jump was good, it was nice to see Justin Carmona get on the podium, the girls’ four-by-one and four-by-two didn’t podium but they did run their best times of the year, the boys’ medley ended up on the podium, the boys’ four-by-two was seeded twelfth and came in fifth so that was awesome, and then we rounded everything up with the four-by-four getting state runner-up, so, not bad at all,” Romero said, adding, “All in all, considering the year that we had—it was good to see.”