By Leota Harriman

According to a report in Albuquerque Business First, Google will leave Moriarty, and relocate Titan Aerospace to the San Francisco area.

The report by Dan Mayfield quotes Google spokeswoman Angie Welling as saying, “The local community has been a great partner to Google and Titan since it’s early days in Moriarty,” adding that Titan will continue “alongside other Google teams in the Bay Area.”

Moriarty Mayor Ted Hart did not return a call for comment late Tuesday as The Independent went to press.

Titan started out in Moriarty, and was acquired by Google last year. Google just completed construction of a 60,000 square foot facility at the Moriarty Airport, and according to Mayfield’s report, has about 40 employees at Titan.

Moriarty officials and the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association, or EVEDA, have been working to bring ancillary businesses to the area, as well as the retail atmosphere that EVEDA’s director Myra Pancrazio said recently the millenial employees of the tech giant want.

The Albuquerque Business First report goes on to quote Titan’s CEO, Vern Rayburn, as saying, “As far as I’m concerned it’s mega cool,” as he expects to continue with Google.

Titan has been working on developing solar-powered unmanned aircraft, which could stay aloft for about five years, and be launched at a fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite. Soaring at the top of the atmosphere, the drones could be used to bring internet service to remote areas.