The Estancia Public Library started a Seed Lending Library several years ago, and now they need your seeds.

According to librarian Angela Creamer, the library was approached by a local woman known as Flor de Mayo, who wanted to donate seeds from her seed bank to the library in an effort to help them start a Seed Library.

Flor de Mayo has donated seeds to the library every year since then—and the community has started donating more seeds to the library as well.

Creamer said this year they are looking for more donations of seeds. She said the seed library has a pretty high demand and they need to get seeds as much as they are giving them out.

The most popular seeds in recent years have been a variety of squash, beans, tomatoes and flowers, said Creamer. She said someone recently donated some hollyhock seeds that turned out to be quite popular, adding, “They are almost all gone!”

She said they offer a variety of seeds and all of them are free to pick-up, including beans, various flowers, assorted squash, herbs, a variety of chile, and corn including gem corn, a local indigenous favorite across the state.

Creamer said the Seed Lending Library is is based on the honor system; folks are welcome to come and get as many seeds as they need and can have them all for free.

She said they ask for seed donations and the process is simple: they have a donation form to fill out that lets the library know about the history of the seed, that’s it.

To contact the Estancia Public Library, contact 505-384-9655 or