Just days after the Triangle Grocery held an event encouraging customers to follow a stricter public health order, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the store, “for a fight over a tomato,” said BCSO spokesman Connor Otero.

Otero said a customer was shopping and violated Triangle’s requests for how to select produce.

“The subject was armed. He had a gun on his hip and he did not pull it out,” Otero said, adding, “No one was arrested because the employee chose not to press charges.”

Just days prior, the grocery store printed up public health guidelines, made big poster versions to hang out front, hung them on the front doors, at every register and handed them out at the door.

Two Bernalillo County deputies helped regulate the “two person at a time” portion of the guidelines.

County commissioner Charlene Pyskoty was also on hand at the door to encourage customers to follow the public safety orders.

The store has posted signs asking people to use plastic bags to cover their hands before selecting produce.

All front-end employees have covered faces and hands. David Liebling, son of the owner Rita Liebling, wrote up the guidelines and arranged the event.

Those include honoring the 6-foot rule; not touching products unless buying them; avoiding reusable bags; no returns; shopping alone or with one other person; not bringing children; and “be nice.”