Heating costs are on the rise across the country, and the East Mountains and Estancia Valley are no exception.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, “prices for energy are at or near multiyear highs in the United States. The high prices follow changes to energy supply and demand patterns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

According the EIA’s projections, nearly half of the households across the nation will spend an average of 30% more than they did last winter, and 50% more if the winter weather is 10% colder than average. For propane they project a 46% increase and for natural gas a 29% increase.

In the East Mountains and Estancia Valley, local gas companies are seeing rising costs from suppliers.

According to an employee at EMW Gas Association, they have seen a rise in cost this year and said the cost “always changes monthly.”

A Moriarty propane company said they are also seeing a gradual increase in prices, and they are currently at $2.89 a gallon and will be down to $2.83 a gallon on Nov. 19. Country Gas currently has propane for $2.60 a gallon and said the price is “definitely an increase.”

Other sources for heat include pellets and wood, and both of those prices are higher this year as well. At Hart’s Hardware pellets are $289.50 a pallet, at Gustin’s Hardware pellets are $325-$340 a pallet, at Western Mercantile pellets are $274.50-$269.50 a pallet, and at Tractor Supply pellets cost $340.25 a pallet. A pallet of pellets is usually 50 bags or one ton.

Firewood prices are ranging from $275-$325 per cord from local wood sellers.

At Ray’s One Stop in Tajique a cord of wood is $260 a cord for pine, $270 a cord for pine mix, $280 a cord for cedar, pinon or alligator juniper. At Luna Wood Yard, they are out of regular mixes and have cords of alligator juniper for $395 and cords of oak for $550 plus a delivery fee of $40 for the East Mountains and Estancia Valley.