I am so grateful to have my mom back in New Mexico. We now have all five generations back in the state. Hoping we get to spend some time together before we are back to only four generations. Franki Safford

I am grateful for my family, my job, my health, my family’s health, none of my co-workers have been sick and my dog. Nancy Turcotte

Christmas tree for free-loved for many years, so it is a bit worn, but it is still usable. Contact Pat at 505-281-1374

I am grateful that I live in a community where people truly care for one another. Whether it is helping less fortunate families have a good Christmas, or standing in the cold at Walmart so that elderly and disabled people don’t have to, buying pizza to support donation days, or a myriad of other ways we are here for one another, the East Mountains/Estancia Valley community KNOWS how to do community. Tracey Master

I am grateful for the volunteers who make up Storytellers of New Mexico. When we went into quarantine we started a monthly Zoom storytelling event. In June, we decided unanimously and without question to dedicate each month to stories of justice featuring marginalized communities. We have featured LGBTQ, Black/African Americans, Immigrants, Native/Indigenous people and victims of domestic violence. Even though we have no events that were bringing in money we decided to give an honorarium to our tellers, each month, to recognize their hard work and vulnerability in telling their stories. We also asked our listeners to give to charities of the tellers choosing, in lieu of payment for our event. The board has been very generous with gifts to honor members who have been through difficult times and struggles. I was fortunate to be a recipient of one of these gifts. The love and compassion behind it, and the messages of support meant more to me than the gift itself. I feel so privileged and proud to be a part of this amazing organization and to call these powerful and compassionate people my friends. Their support for each other and for their stories that make up our lives have been immeasurable. Cindi Allen

I’m so grateful for Estancia Valley Hands of Hope! I get to work with an amazing group of people and our wonderful community. Venus Valdez is our vice president, I am thankful for her cool head and her beautiful heart. Maggie Griego is our treasurer, I am thankful for her willingness to learn how to do our books and her compassion. Tanya Pearcy is our secretary, I am thankful for her willingness to do whatever I need from her, no matter the short notice. She is my rock! Elizabeth Guinn is a board member, I’m thankful for her wanting to jump right in on any project we have, and her giving heart. Sarah Stone is a board member, I’m thankful for her infinite patience and her initiative to jump in where she can! Rochelle Seale is my helper. Although she can’t participate full time, I am thankful for her ingenious ideas, helping me troubleshoot and for introducing me to people I should know. I am thankful for her giving heart. Lastly, but not least importance, I’m thankful for our community. We could not do this without these outstanding people! They donate whatever we are asking for. They bid on a last-minute auction, raising over $1,000! They all met promptly to pick up and pay. They donate to our food boxes for each family. They buy us hams to give out. They share our posts! They come to our events and participate in whatever we have going on. Our community has such tremendous hearts. Thank you all for everything you do. You are helping us in giving Hope to our community, in bringing the light into darkness, and revitalizing and stabilizing our community! Teri Morgan

Hi my name is Casidy Curley and I’m writing in because my family and I are in need of some help. I’m not usually the kind of person to do this but I’m 6 months pregnant and I just found out a few weeks ago I was already 22 weeks at that time. Right before I found out I was pregnant I lost my job as a veterinary technician, because I was missing to much work going to the doctor’s because I was sick and couldn’t figure out why. I have a 13 year old daughter who is going to suffer the most because I have no money for the holidays I have no way to get anything I need for the baby. We are even struggling with food right now. My grandma who was the only family I had and she passed away last year so I’m kinda at a loss. We could really use anything for a newborn baby: car seat, stroller, clothes, blankets, etc. And something for my daughter. She is such an amazing kid and I have put her through way more then anyone should be put through at her age; being a recovering addict (6 years sober). Her window in her room is broken so her room gets very cold. We could really use a heater. Our area rugs the floor in our bathroom is torn up due to a water leak, so we really need help with flooring as well. We would be beyond grateful for anything at all. I’m grateful just to be able to send this to ask for the help. Casidy Curley, 505-785-8256.

I am grateful to be a privileged invited guest here at life’s party. Cat A.

A special holiday blessing to Leota and The Independent staff for providing a great, informative newspaper week after week. Merc Lopez

Christmas blessings to Dr. Jo at Advanced Performance Chiropractics   Thank you for the relief and support you provide my Edgewood friends and family! Jennifer Sandoval

Very Merry Christmas to one of the sweetest women on the planet, Renee Willes at State Farm in Edgewood. Renee, thank you for everything you have done for my family, and letting your love and care for others shine through everything you do! Jennifer Sandoval

Shout out to Church Street Market for local, handmade, and second hand gifts! Love the opportunities and products this market brings to the East Mountains. Merry Christmas Diana and Clay! Jennifer Sandoval

We at Chili Hills are so very grateful for our community and the wonderful support and love they show us! Debbie Goss

Shout out to Edgewood Upholstery for their great work, great attitude and for just being such great people. Michelle Neill Tange

I like to tell about a special lady Gwen Barnhart she works with the East Mountain food pantry they are all wonderful caring people there however she goes above and beyond she bring food boxes to people that can’t get out of the home after she get of work at the pantry. Even if it datk and cold out she pushes through to insure people get needed food. Thank you for your wonderful paper, job well done. Merry Christmas. Diana Almaraz

A shout out to Edgewood and surrounding areas for being a FANTASTIC community. We look forward to a wonderful 2021 with you all. Libby Casarez and the Edgewood Celtic Festival

Shout out to Ann Losee at Edgewood Acupuncture Wellness. She has taken good care of me for many years, helping with the big health issues and also de-stressing and balancing to prevent the big issues! And she gives free treatments to veterans on the first Friday of every month! Thanks, Ann for all the wonderful years of care! Cindi Allen

Merry Christmas to this great community! Aliina Summers

Thank you too Southwest Propane and Danny Strode for all the support for our community! Teri Morgan