Santa Fe County has two equestrian arenas in its southern area, with the Stanley Cyclone Center and Edgewood Equestrian Center. Starting this month, the county’s offerings are expanding.

The Edgewood Equestrian Center is just past Wildlife West Nature Park on the Frontage Road north of Interstate 40.

Tavery Moorhead oversees daily operations and maintains the grounds. The Equestrian Center consists of an open-air riding arena; parking for cars and trailers; partially covered spectator bleachers; restrooms (no running water); trails for walking, cycling, and riding; and a shaded picnic area at the trailhead.

There is also a spigot and water tank for horses, as well as a depository for manure.

The facility was closed in March, 2020 due to Covid restrictions. According to local Shane Weigand, who would run his donkey in the arena, that closure was also due to the town of Edgewood no longer being interested in maintaining the grounds.

In May, 2020, Santa Fe County Commissioner Rudy Garcia met with Moorhead, Weigard, and roughly 50 people at the arena to discuss what it would take to reopen. In September, Santa Fe County passed a resolution that effectively moved operations over from the Town of Edgewood to the County, thus making the County responsible for trash, restrooms, and grounds maintenance.

After a massive cleanup effort organized by Moorhead, Weigard, and other volunteers, the grounds were reopened in October last year.

The trails are open to the public, as is the arena. There is, however, a liability waiver that must be signed once a month by any users of equestrian amenities. Those waivers can be found on the billboard near the parking area. No waiver is needed to use the trails.

The Edgewood Equestrian Center hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., April through October, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. November through March.

There are multiple businesses in town to help people meet up with riding instructors and horses. Moorhead mentioned Aramis Equestrian Training, Enchantment Eqitreks, and Blue Barn Stables.

Those using the facility are responsible for cleaning it up before leaving.

According to Santa Fe County Manager Katherine Miller, all facility use fees have been temporarily waived at the Edgewood Equestrian Center.

About 20 miles away is the Stanley Cyclone Center.

This enclosed, 51,250 square foot facility just reopened April 1, also operated by Santa Fe County.

The Cyclone Center contains an arena, two classrooms, a commercial kitchen, restrooms, and showers. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate multiple trailers.

The Cyclone Center can host a wide range of events. Once given the all-clear from Santa Fe County, said Center Coordinator Terri Werner, the facility anticipates hosting barrel riding and bull racing, equestrian training clinics, and team sports.

It can support 4H and FFA activities, and public use of the space for receptions and funerals is also welcome.

There are fees for commercial events, riding with livestock, private riding, and open riding, though not all services are currently available.

The fee schedule and other information can be found by visiting

Open ride hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and an appointment is needed, along with a signed liability waiver. The cost is $5 per horse for two hours. To schedule open riding time at the Cyclone Center, and to obtain the liability waiver, contact Werner at 505-417-9380.

To ensure that both the Stanley Cyclone Center and the Edgewood Equestrian Center remain open, the state’s Covid public health orders are being observed, said Moorhead and Werner.

Both facilities require face masks or coverings and respectful distancing. The Equestrian Center allows up to five horses in the ring at a time, with no more than nine riders. The Cyclone Center allows up to 10 horses in the ring at a time, with no more than nine riders. No spectators are allowed at the Cyclone Center.

At the present time, neither facility is accepting requests for events.

Santa Fe County spokesperson Carmelina Hart said the county is evaluating when to open additional activities at these facilities, and will make that information public once a determination has been made.