Americans are spoiled, no doubt. We are spoiled. Why would I assign this fact to such a lovely group of people? Well, have you been to the store, masked or not, lately? It is good to see people you sort of know, without masks. Some of you may not know this, but I am a talker, and the grocery store is a perfect place to pick up new friends. Back to being spoiled, who does not remember the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020? That fear of pandemic was aggravated by the lack of essentials, namely the soft tissue to wipe up your back side!
Let me remind you all that the same villains that are shelling the poor Ukrainians were in the 1970s standing in line for hours for one brand of toilet paper. We cannot imagine starting a war with Mexico over tissues, but you don’t know. I remember finding a roll in the Christmas decorations and lending part of it to my brother, Arch, and my sister, Maggie. No fear, there are plenty of rolls here in Edgewood.
I did the two and a half years of shopping and when I came home with less that what was expected, Bill would say, “How can this be?” Well, the next time I went, I took photos with my camera phone and he quit asking. We don’t like change, but there you are, it was a national emergency. Two days ago, I met not one, but two ladies in the cat food aisle. We were trying which brand would fit the needs of our cats. You may recognize the names of James the Magnificent, (27 lbs.) and Piwacket, (12 lbs.). James only eats dry Purina and Piwacket only eats cans of food with lots of gravy, no pate or solid chow. The shelves once again were in poor supply. One of the ladies piped up and said, “I am looking for just the right can. My cat does not like too much gravy.”
“Mine,” presented the other side, “hates seafood and salmon. Where is the chicken and rice?” We formed a sisterhood at that minute, and each spoke of how her cat will ignore them if they fail.
Then the thought dawned on me, what about those poor mothers and fathers who cannot get formula for their babies? Especially the ones who cannot tolerate cow’s milk. This is scary business, and I am glad to see people are sending formula to be distributed to those in greatest need. God bless Mexico and France for their generosity.
I had two sons, and during the 1970s it was all right socially to nurse if you were discrete. This after the 1950s rejected the notion of mothers nursing. Since there was baby formula, women did not have to perform this natural function; it was considered a primitive notion, but by the 70s it was OK again. The fact you gave the baby immunizations that the mother had, there were no bottles to clean, and Mother’s Milk was always the right temperature was suddenly considered a plus. I nursed each child for nine months. When they could reach over and get a McDonald’s French fry, I cut them off and brought out the sippy cups and 7-Up. Okay, okay, okay, I know, I know, but they did fine; they grew up all right.
No one likes change, whether cats or people. Two years ago, I took out my phone camera and shot photos of bare shelves. Bill was surprised. “But this is America, not Russia!” Yes, and now everyone is saving newspapers, just in case. God bless the truckers who keep us going. Roaring Mouse, found another roll behind the couch. Over and out.