My grandma and I went all over to tell people about the Dog Head Fire.

We arrived at a restaurant in Mountainair when it was already closed, and this nice lady named Mary let us come in anyways. They fed us and let us get drinks of our choice. After we were done with our lunch Mary let us stay a little longer so that my grandma could type.

The quest continued after what seemed to be ages, then we pulled up in a weird looking place where there were some strangers speaking Spanish. We went in and there was a nice lady that my grandma got to interview when we got some snacks.

Soon afterwards we had to go see a sheriff and there were some nice ladies and while my grandma was talking to the sheriff I got to sit with the nice ladies and talk for awhile.

Next we went to the Tajique community center and talked to a PIO (public information officer). Closely afterwards we left Tajique to Mountainair then went to Estancia’s shelter while we where there we took pictures of all the cute animals. There were goats, sheep, cows, and horses there.


Grandma typing at the Old Mill Restaurant in Estancia. Photo by Dustin Barton.

Then we went to a fancy little restaurant in Estancia because grandma wasn’t quite done typing yet. In this adventure I learned something as a 10 year old boy that not everything in life is easy, sometimes it’s very hard but if you’re a junior reporter you have to take the punches and I also learned while talking to the nice ladies that people are getting for misinformation by multiple websites and TV news and I learned that firefighters are getting food and water.