A Moriarty art gallery, antique and curio shop is getting ready for an April 1 reopening, after renovation of the inside and outside spaces—with a goal of being “the reason people come to Moriarty.”

That’s according to owner Joy Raab-Faber, who is now partnering with fellow artist Susie Moyers to keep the shop open more hours.

Renovations inside include taking out the old tile floor and rearranging the space so it’s not “the same old thing in the same old place where it was,” said Moyers.

art kicks DSC_1337Kicks features one-of-a-kind pieces of art and Route 66 memorabilia and souvenirs, and will also have an expanded visitor center, with information about attractions in Moriarty and beyond, Raab-Faber said.

After the April 1 reopening, the gallery will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays.

“We want to be the reason people come to Moriarty, as much as these other parks and monuments and all that stuff,” Raab-Faber said, “a place people can come, get souvenirs, get directions.”

“We enjoy the taravelers,” Moyers said. “We have met amazing people. It’s fun.”

Movie makers and set directors have visited Kicks, along with “a couple of celebreties—but I’m not very keen on recognizing them sometimes,” Raab-Faber laughed.

Motorcycle tours and other tourists on Route 66 are also regular visitors. The pair said they are seeking to become more of a tourist attraction. “We’re proud of Route 66 and Moriarty’s history,” Moyers said.

Another goal is to provide a venue for Torrance County artists to display and sell their work, Raab-Faber said. “We want Torrance County art to be represented in a very public way. … We want people to be represented locally.”

While Kicks focuses on art, it also features “a little bit of second-hand stuff” and consignments, Raab-Faber said, adding, “We will do anything to get you in here. Rent space, consignment—we’ll negotiate the terms, especially if somebody’s willing to work, open and close, help on cleaning days, whatever. We’re willing to work with people to get them in here. We want to help our local community here make a few bucks and be represented—that’s the deal.”

Look for Kicks on Facebook, or contact 505-922-5160 for more information.