With unofficial results tallied statewide, legislative races in the area remained within the same party as previously, with one new face heading to Santa Fe.

Senate District 19

In the race for Senate District 19, which includes parts of Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Torrance and Sandoval counties, Republican Gregg Schmedes came out on top with 54% of the vote at 15,480, while Democrat Claudia Risner got 42% with 12,062 votes, and Libertarian John McDivitt got 4% with 1,230 votes.

The seat was formerly held by Republican Jim White, who lost to Schmedes in the primary election.

Senate District 39

In the race for Senate District 39, which includes parts of Santa Fe, Bernalillo, San Miguel, Valencia, Torrance and Lincoln counties, incumbent Democrat Liz Stefanics kept her seat, winning 55% with 12,049 votes over Republican Joseph Tiano, who got 45% with 9,729 votes.

House District 22

In the race for House District 22, which includes parts of Bernalillo, Santa Fe and Sandoval counties, Republican Stefani Lord got 51% with 10,229 votes, while Democrat Jessica Velasquez got 49% with 9,667 votes, a difference of 562 votes.

The seat was held by Schmedes, who then ran for Senate District 19.

House District 50

In the race for House District 50, incumbent Democrat Matthew McQueen kept his seat, with 52% of the total votes with 8,584, while Republican Christina Estrada got 44% with 7,254 and Libertarian Jerry Gage got 594 votes for 4% of the total.

House District 70

The House District 70 races includes parts of Santa Fe, San Miguel and Torrance counties.

Incumbent Democrat Ambrose Castellano got 64% of the total votes with 7,171, while Republican Nathan Dial finished with 36% and 4,022 votes.

Leota Harriman
Leota Harriman

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