Get vaccinated so we can return to normalcy soon

How many more lives need to be lost before we all feel it is safe enough to get vaccinated for Covid-19? I got vaccinated as soon as the vaccine was offered to me. My wife did as well. I experienced no side effects after the first shot and was mildly sick for a day after receiving the second shot. My wife experienced no side effects after both shots.

Those who are delaying getting vaccinated are at greater risk of getting Covid-19 and passing it on to others who also have not been vaccinated, including family members and friends. I find it disturbing that people will continue to needlessly get sick and die due to caution, ignorance, apathy or selfishness. The sooner we all get vaccinated the sooner we can all return to normalcy.

Vaccination hesitancy kills.

Ronald A. Siegel, Edgewood