Dear Editor,

For some time, I have had to put effort into finding the positive things in each day to balance the difficulties.  When I am not at work teaching, I am home taking care of my bedridden mother on hospice; she is literally wilting away before my eyes.  The past week was especially challenging, also, at the school I teach.
Friday afternoon it started snowing before I got home in Tijeras. In these conditions, I pray to make it to the top safely.  I put on my snow cables and ascended the unpaved hill to get home, praying, but got stuck about a quarter of the way from the summit.  I got out, started spreading road salt down, and tried again but no traction, only slipping downward. I stopped again.
A big pickup truck started up the hill behind me and stopped, I felt ashamed I was in their way.  I got out of my car to apologize.  Three young men got out of the truck and said they saw me from ACROSS THE HIGHWAY 40 and came over to help!  (I’m crying tears of healing as I am writing this to you.)  Through my embarrassment, I was shocked!
They were so obliging!  They discussed the best way to help.  Then, in the snow and mud and ice, the three pushed my car up the rest of the hill!  I thanked them and with their rescue-team smiles they went on their way.
I wish I had something to give them right then and there, I was feeling such a mix of emotions, the greatest were gratitude and amazement!  They definitely have my prayers for a wonderful life and that they are always rewarded for their outstanding kindness!
If you could please share this with your public, perhaps these three teen angels may get this message of how their deeds changed my Life!  Gratitude leads to happiness!
Melissa Novak