Dear Santa,
I Wot a nerfguns. be JJsanta-15

Dear Santa I wont a taBlit Elvo
fru seronica torres

Dear Santa,
I luf kresmes

Dare Santa Kan i have ay gane.

Dear Santa, I want a new taBlit.
to Santa from Jannessa.
I love crismis

Dear Santa
I realee whant a littel past port.
From Jadrian to Santa.

santa-14Dear Santa, I wont a Xbox and a Reel life Horse. Form Adam
Dear sant I want a new phone and a nrfgun love samuel.

Dear santa, can I hav Toy elf and it is A live Maldkai

Dear santa I want a plush mewtwo, a plush mew, a pokemon poster, a plush bulb basaur, a plush Squirtle, a plush Pikachu, a plush charziard, a mindraft pig plushie, a plush shorlax, I want all of that cus I like it and i want to sleep with most, by JD.

Dear Santa
I em sore for beeing bAd medy NeXer I Will de good I bot desrv Presit Wut do uou thek this is Laticia I Wot floreris, WhOPPER Batter
The Trols Set
makup set
troley setsanta-4

Dear Santa
i Wish for a grome. i Wish for a laptop. i Wish for a cat. i Wish for a puppy. i Wish for a dog. i Wish for a citin.
frum Westlen

Dear Santa Want plushy Bonnie and Wetbered. Bonnie. I hope Everyone has a good Chrismas Day. Your Elf isinat makeing a mass at all and thank you Santa. I know that I haveint Ben good and I’m Sorry Santa. by Wrylah

dear santa I woNT A
-A schOOL Lesins
And 200$ AND A
-Pikcher Of yOU!
-I DUServ it becuse I BiN Nice
presints dy PaUL

DeaR SanTa I WanT a bike I WanT To LeaRn How To play a gatar
Jazmine. I know ThaT I haven’t Been ThaT Good And pleas I can be Good. I helped at home. senserlly Jazmine

Dear Santa WhaT I Want for from you is a doll a IPad and Some Slime and Some makup.
I Bin good with my Techer and grandma
mary critsmis.

Dear Santa,
Santa, I Wat a visit with YM dad. I Wat to go to The Museeffs
Santa, This is Wie I Shoo git The gis. Be cus I hav Bin guD in school. I Bin gud. And I paing in cass. by Shawm

Dear Santa
I Want a Kit like a dig one Where you can dig up rocks and fake potions so. I can mix um and and a goblin kit I deserve it because I have been good to my family

Dear Santa, I want a grabr a note from you and a stuftanamo a chrome book and Ruldolph stuftanmo a chrome bookcherger and a Santa costume and I
I belev in you Santa.
Sincerely, Davian

santa-16Dear Santa, I Want a Christmas Bell from your rainder I Bee
n nice and a horse
I dont have one and I am alone to I all ways wanted a hors
e in my to.
I have to go to nenose
this why I Want a CB
I read the Polar express Book.

Dear Santa, I want a American girl doll and a Barbre house and Some chromebook anda cherger and some Shopcin’s and one araBell and art Set Plese I know it is a lot but your Santa and elf’s are a mesiin and just one mor thing a beby sister PLese.

Dear Santa, I want a ranedear for Christmas and a goat because I think I’m nice so I love Chistmas I want to go to your city at the north pole I can’t wate till Christmas.
Leticia Jinzo

Dear Santa, I want a butterfly Toy. I Wont a Elf. I Want I Frozon stuff aimal.
I want A Frozen Aaa olfe ElSU. crandaod.

Dear Santa, I want a American girl doll and a hachimle and shopkin’s and a girl elf and a chromebook charger and a bell from your raindeer stuff animle elf girl’s and boy’s

Dear Santa, I want a stufft snowman and a hedgehog, a elf, a polar Express movie, gummy factory, pony, and a nothe Bunny

Dear Santa, i wun’t my Dad because i havn’t sen my Ded sins six yer ago and i miss y dad sow much and it din sow long and I dan’t no my dad a lot and i hav sin my dad. i livd whith hem for two yer I lidvt whith my marey chrismis.

Dear Santa,
I don’t realy want anything for chrismas but I do want a tablet and the mos thing I want is every body to be good. (Merey Christmas and a very good night) you’ll probly see me awake because of Kim.

Dear Santa, I don’t want any for Christmas. I want everyobey you can give me anything.
Nathan Looper

Dear Santa, I want a remote control track. and a car my siz you no that I can drive in. and I wont Love for my family! I Love you Santa claus!
Aurora Harris

santa-12Dear Santa, I wante a Ex pokemon and a mindcraft cat and a mincraft chest and a mincraft sode and a chrombook and 100 mincraft crepers.

Dear Santa, Fome:Kylie Duran
I want for Christmas I want a Bonnie plush and a Chica toy and a Bonnie toy and a Big cat stuff aimaml that is pink and FluFye too that is cute too and I will like it ol. I hope you can Do it I hope.
Kylie Duran

Dear Santa, I Wont a XBOX 360 and Pokemon. I Love You and Mincraft. We Love You and Jinsh eth Elf. have a merry Christmas.

Dear Santa, I want a Mincraft PUX and 1000 Pokumon cards and a chram and a XBOX 360 and a Volcanoe Shoot Beeteh lovu.
Tornetdo mchine and a chrome Book and a Blakt
Daniel C

Dear Santa,
All my lovesanta-17

Dear Santa, I have ben god
I wunt a remote cnchole
Cor and lagos and erose and a pistl.
love Dayland

Dear Santa, I have been riliy good this year can you Breing me a Barbe familie with a Barbe Haws and a setup of Pugamas toy Puppy that Breths and sleeps
All my love

Dear Santa,
I Learn beremy
I wiss i Can bless haf a Jablen and a dollaoss
Mom Devon
All my Love

Dear Santa, I want, a kitin that is alive, a smart phone a x-box
All my love

Dear Soanta,
I have bin gad all yir can you ples get me a dollhaws and dalls
All my love

Dear Santa,
I have ben good
All yere can I have a doll hose and a dolls car and a dady strollr and a dady and a crib All my love

Dear Santa,
I will do whatever it takes santa-13
Can i haf a motoso casl cade
All my love

Dear Santa,
, ooristr diet vecgame
Ie 2 all far me
All my love

Dear Santa, I wont a fish a scloo fish I wont and Santa I wont a cat a baby cat that is the collr blac and white cat and I wont the game Mingcraft for my 306 and I wont the nowerer gema gem shopkins.
Kendra Lloyd

Dear Santa,
XBalux Bp2 ulko BataB
Alejandro Luna
All my love
Alejandro Luna

Dear santa,
I like a toy ne a Dse sprg Glse and a pone uve me and a dol
Qinhe hrle
TonT Poke
All my love

Dear santa , ples fgiv me draenigg ms. chavis rols I will do whatever it takes to LEARN.
All my Love

15644544_10211112709392027_2055728975_nDear SaNta,
Wube gabibos Ufc uces and WuMrbox uv Cucesenmufisis emd caihelva hobox
Uv Muney
All my love
Yolanda lil Kava N Wis

Dear Santa,
i been good all this yers Can i have a 3ds and a 2ds, and a x box 360 and a x box 1 and a elf on a shef
All my love love

Dear Santa,
can I hav a musirshu.
I wot to git my dad a teve. an I yot a teve
All my love

Dear Santa, I Want Gud. Kan i have a plastashyn 2
Hollck game

Dear Santa clas and ms clas
I rele like are elf on the Shelf carter next year pleas right. Back Love Kamila

Dear Santa For Chrismas I want a
Bike and a Jacet and Books and a Wach and Julery and a new Backpack and Basket Ball and Her bands and led pensels
thank you
Love Nevaeh

Dear Standta
merry chrismas thank’s for giving carter to us. can I get a umarkin girl doll and a elf decause omos evrey one has one and I can coll him/her/elfey/snowflake and a compurtr. 
Isabella faith Ortiz

Dere Santa
How are you doing thes day rit back soon.santa-1
Love Cory.

Der Santa
I wont for Chistmas is a hachamol
A zomrcat
Astrwers Lego game
A Lego Dimechens
A Mindcraft Lefo set
And a disneihid playset
Luve Gil

Dear Santa and mis closs
I wonder wat it is like to live in the north polia and I want a halow set. and a nerf gun

Dere Santa from Emily
I’m supper exitid for Christmas
Will you bring me gymnastics every thing like a bar and beam you see I’m practiceing for compatisins are Elf Carter Is doing fine
I need a lether print back pack craft stuff and uneevin bars gymnastics grips and gymnastics chark for unevin bars and soft gymnastics mat and a big tramplen.
Love Emily

dear Santa I lave Chistmas I love the north pull When are you comeing?
I want magic snow Please Santa Love Mason Love mason

Dear Santa for Christmas my sist and me plese wan’t a good Christmas and a happy new yere and a IPhone5 I love you Santa and a spffanll uff you ritl for Santa Santa what is yor rill name Santa
Love Christian

Dear Santa,
I just want domenchens and and skyLanders swap forse and imoin,gu natterse and camuten pg and Skylonderr giant and Vethecolts of the land and sea.
From Julian