Looking for people to work on a community garden

On May 8, the Edgewood Senior Center’s community garden hosted a volunteer tree planting. Santa Fe County Public Works staff planned and furnished everything needed for a safe and successful day for volunteers to dig and get a little dirty. Fresh air and human contact included. The weather cooperated and the condition of this exceptional Community Garden on full display to all who participated that day.

By planting a tree on Earth Day we make a “statement of hope,” more times than not, the pledge of stewardship gets lost. The much needed watering the new trees require during establishment can be lost if not committed to by us.

The community garden is slowly coming back to life and once again can be as vigorous and beautiful as it deserves. Help is needed watering! This is an invitation to return or stop by to help as well as share your ideas. Watering days are Wednesdays and Saturdays mornings. There is an existing irrigation system, buckets for hand watering. The Senior Center has not reopened, but the Gardens are. No restroom, bring sunscreen, drinking water, gloves, and sturdy shoes. Sorry, no wifi!

Our way of life and values has had a difficult couple of years. We can strive to be a “Community of Opportunity.”

When a man plants a tree he always expects to gain something from the tree in the form of fruits and shade. But when an old man plants a tree he knows well that he will not live to see the plant grow up to bear fruits, or enjoy its shade, still he does it so that his future generation will be benefited by it. This unselfish behavior is a sign of the greatness of a society.

Let’s see what we can accomplish growing this garden. Trees bring people together!

Eugene Barela, Edgewood