Thanking neighbor for speaking up

Dear Neighbor Lady in Moriarty,

I don’t know your name, what you look like, or where you live, but I am so grateful to you.

My granddaughter is the young girl you spoke with. She was babysitting the two little children you saw.

Thank you for noticing the strange man. Thank you for telling her about him so that she could get herself and the children safely in the house.

Police were called and responded. He has been arrested.

I don’t know anything more right now other than I appreciate you more than you know.


Tracey Master, (Grateful Granny)

Now is the time to weigh in on redistricting Edgewood

On Monday, August 2, I gave public comment at the “Citizen Redistricting Committee” hearing that was held in Santa Fe. My comment was given via Zoom and I voiced my concern about Edgewood’s current political district boundaries.

As many voters probably noticed during May’s Special Election to fill the District 1 Congressional seat vacated by Deb Haaland, Edgewood is split into two different Congressional Districts. The west side of Edgewood lies in CD1 while the east side lies in CD3. This means that our town has two different Representatives at the Federal level: Rep. Melanie Stansbury on the west side of town and Rep. Theresa Leger Fernandez on the east.

Not only is there “dual representation” at the federal level, it’s also at the State House of Representatives level. The west side of Edgewood lies in State House District 22, represented by Stefani Lord, while the east side has Matthew McQueen as its voice in the State House. Edgewood’s current districting is a result of old lines created before the Town of Edgewood grew both east and west of NM-344.

Now is the time to voice your opinion in an effort to get the Town of Edgewood united into one Federal Congressional and one State House district.

Preliminary maps are now being drawn and discussed at these meetings. For example: several maps that I saw combine all of Edgewood with the greater Albuquerque area as a districting possibility.

In order to have a say and keep informed about this redistricting, check out the public information and meeting series listing at:

Evelyn Vinogradov, Edgewood Voter

At-large voting is unjust

After listening to the recording of the July 23 Edgewood Council Meeting, I want to go on record objecting to the opinion expressed repeatedly by Councilors Audrey Jaramillo and Sherry Abraham and various members of the public that voting at-large for all five Commission seats is “the will of the people.” It is, in fact, the will of a very vocal subset of the people of Edgewood, many of them CORE organizers and supporters.

I fail to understand how citizens of Districts 2, 3, 4 or 5 having a voice in who represents me in District 1 can be considered just. Don’t mistake the absence of vocal feedback on the part of the silent majority of Edgewood’s citizens, some of them discouraged by the many months of deadlock that has gripped Council since 2018, as tacit agreement with at-large voting. With respect to citizen claims that voting by District is “voter suppression,” everyone in Edgewood who votes for a school board member votes by District without raising any such complaint. They would probably object vehemently if their representation were instead determined by those living miles away who have different concerns than their own. Please also remember that authority to run municipal elections is given to the County Clerk’s and Secretary of State’s offices, which would seem to render Councilor Abraham’s resolution for at-large voting moot out of the gate. Finally, Council should recognize in all of this that what is ethical is often different from what you may be able to argue is legally feasible. While Councilor Jaramillo announcing her candidacy and soliciting campaign supporters from the dais does not rise to the level of electioneering in New Mexico (it does in several other states), it is certainly poor form and poor judgment. I hope we can let the process of governmental change unfold naturally, as development of the Town did after 1999, and not force this issue for individual ends and those of special interests. Just as Councilor Jaramillo, Councilor Abraham and their family members asserted in signing the CORE petition that led to a referendum which changed our governmental model, these opinions are my own, expressed as a private citizen.

Glenn Felton, Edgewood