Want unity? Don’t call the other side fools

In response to some of the opinions expressed in the Jan. 8 issue of The Independent, the millions who voted against Joe Biden did exactly that. We voted against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all of the other Democrats we perceive as trying to destroy our way of life). We don’t want post-birth abortion and that’s what we see as coming next. We want to keep our guns so that we can defend ourselves and our families. We don’t want to see the United States go bankrupt. We support legal immigration. We think that Obamacare is broken and shamefully expensive and want something better. China is not a bit player. It is a much bigger threat than Russia. We think that America First is a good idea (that does not mean the same thing as America Only). If you don’t want America first, to whom are you pledging your allegiance?

When did it become OK to publish hit lists against people that you disagree with? Are you kidding me? MAGA is a terrorist organization but ANTIFA is peaceful protest? The Democrats have demanded that Trump supporters not be served in restaurants, that Trump’s businesses be shut down, that if you worked for Trump, you should never be able to work again, that the news and social media silence and demonize anyone who has a view counter to the Democrats. The view is being espoused that it’s okay to be mean to conservatives. This is a lot of shameful hostility folks and it should scare the heck out of you. If this can be done to one group of people it can be done to any. Who is making the determination of what is sanctioned speech? Why are we moving to zero tolerance of anyone else’s opinion?

What you espouse is not helpful.

What makes you think that you have a lock on virtue? You have a right to your own opinion, not to mine. If the

Democrats want respect they need to be respectable. If you want to unify the country, don’t start by calling the other side fools, because that is pretty foolish.

Cass Tyler



Why doesn’t The Independent take a stand against militias?

The Independent received an award for that photograph of teens during a Black Lives Matter event in Edgewood last Summer. Congratulations! It is a great photo that deserved its front page placement and the award. So do the teens deserve credit. That said—lest we forget—those other blokes in the photos are armed three percenters. At the time, I looked in vain for an Editorial condemning armed intimidation of local teens by a bunch of thugs posing as patriots.

Still, I suppose that would make some Independent advertisers go all pouty. Heaven forbid that local firms providing aid and comfort, if not outright material support or membership, to individual and group insurrectionists and no-masker bioterrorists (groups with substantial boolean overlap) feel less than warm fuzzy treatment by the local media.

How low must the bar go before the paper risks taking a stand?

We know, of course that three percenter, oath keeper (with a large number of oath breaking and oath defiling members), proud boy and other traitorous violence and intimidation groups are key in recent DC and continuing nationwide seditious activity. And we know that parts of New Mexico are a petri dish for them. Of course, anyone who didn’t refuse to know, knew the nature of such groups last summer, when The Independent chose to,

with a straight face, offer up warm fuzzies to militia thugs, parroting their propaganda that they were present to “maintain a peaceful protest.”

How low must the bar be set before The Independent, version 2021, will say “way too low is low enough”?

Thomas Stuart, Tijeras

The editor replies: The Independent rarely editorializes, and when we do, it’s on local, not national issues. Additionally, as one of the reporters at that protest, I spoke at length to the two militia members in that photograph, and believe that neither of them are thugs.