Timelines of the East Mountains, the comprehensive history book produced and published by the East Mountain Historical Society, has been named winner of the Historical Society of New Mexico’s Lansing B. Bloom Award. HSNM says this award is given annually for an “outstanding publication in New Mexico or Southwest Borderlands history by an institution affiliated with the Historical Society of New Mexico.” EMHS is a member of the state historical society.

“The Awards Committee and reviewers were very impressed by massive undertaking of producing this book and the commitment displayed by those involved in seeing this project through,” HSNM awards committee chairman Dennis Daily wrote in a congratulatory letter announcing the award. “The book will serve as a standard ‘go-to’ reference source for anyone interested in learning about the unique history of the East Mountain area.”

Daily continued that “The book, as well as your related oral history and mapping projects, demonstrates how a dedicated group of individuals in a local historical society can make a significant impact in preserving our state’s history. The Historical Society of New Mexico is proud of the work the EMHS has accomplished as an affiliated HSNM institution and we congratulate you on this wonderful book.”

The 700-plus page book, which includes timelines of more than 200 landmarks, plus stories about locals and traditions and dozens of historical photos and maps, was created by members of the all-volunteer, non-profit EMHS over a period of three years. It was published in April 2020 and it is already in its second printing. The book also was honored last year with the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award, first place in history.

Timelines is available for purchase at Triangle Grocery in Tijeras, Henderson’s Store in Golden, Tinkertown in Sandia Park, and Roots Cafe and Brandy’s Hair Salon in Tijeras. It is also available on the EMHS website, eastmountainhistory.org, with a shipping charge.

In addition, the six-foot by six-foot display map of the landmarks found in the book, also created by EMHS, is currently on display at the East Mountain Library in Tijeras.

The EMHS Book Committee, a core group of whom worked on the project for three years, included Chair/Editor Kristin Thacher, Rick Holben, Kathy Rich, Denise Tessier, Dick Brown, Anabel Maldonado Sanchez, Joyce Mendel, Maria Herrera Dresser, Beverly Neville, Susan Olsen and Constance Baca Busheme. For more information about the East Mountain Historical Society, visit eastmountainhistory.org.