At the first town council meeting under Mayor John Bassett, change was the order of the day, with several key town employees retiring as the administration changes.

Town clerk Estefanie Muller said she is retiring, as is town administrator Steve Shepherd.

Because the two jobs “have a lot of overlap to them,” Bassett asked the town council to consider creation of a clerk-treasurer position, then hiring a deputy clerk, which he said will save the town money.

Both Shepherd and Muller will be around long enough to help train replacements.

Another retirement announced by the mayor was that of Police Chief Fred Radosevich, who is retiring after nearly 40 years in law enforcement. He said when he took the job, he said it would only be for three years, which have now passed.

Before he leaves the position, Radosevich hopes to finalize Standard Operating Procedures for the department.

The mayor made appointments to boards and commissions, with nearly every appointment mirroring the current positions. One exception was an economic development committee.

Bassett said he was unable to find “a resolution or ordinance that sets this up,” adding that he wants to make sure the committee is “not just a construct of my predecessor.”

The town had contracted with the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce for economic development activities, a role played by the Estancia Valley Economic Development Association, or EVEDA in surrounding communities.

Edgewood has representation on that board as do surrounding counties and municipalities.

“EVEDA is fine,” said Councilor Chuck Ring. “They’ve done all right and I won’t go any further than that.”

Councilor Rita Loy Simmons made a motion to table appointment to that committee, which passed unanimously.

The council updated its policies and procedures for use of town facilities by groups, increasing its prices and requiring insurance.

There was some opposition to the idea of increasing fees from the public, but on a motion by Simmons, the measure also passed unanimously.

A public hearing on the Hillcrest Master Plan was postponed until April 6, after Bassett recused himself, leaving the building with a wave because the matter had come up when he was on the planning and zoning commission.

Ring asked to postpone the hearing because of a letter that had been sent to the council that day.