Reports of a threat to East Mountain schools came in this afternoon, temporarily locking down Moriarty-Edgewood schools. Despite the fact that school is out for the year for students, some school employees remain on the premises.

Moriarty-Edgewood schools have been put on a “soft lock-down” as a precautionary measure, according to Torrance County Sheriff Martin Rivera. Rivera said State Police received a “non-specific threat” and decided to put a “shelter in place” into effect. He said he State Police did not specify what type of threat.

Rivera said Moriarty Police Department is at the schools and there are minimal employees there, including people making summer lunches. He said those lunches will not go out today as a precaution.

Bernalillo County Sheriff spokeswoman Deputy Angelina Nevaro said the county is not aware of any threats to schools in the East Mountains.

She said in the event there was, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s department updates its social media in real time.

This reporter reached out to both the State Police department and Edgewood Police Department for more details but was not able to reach anyone at the time of this update; as details become available The Independent will report on the situation if warranted.