Moriarty High School’s Ashley Strader scored the first goal Tuesday but the visiting Bosque Bobcats answered with 5 of their own to win 5-1.

The loss came on the heels of last Saturday’s 2-0 victory over the visiting Ruidoso Lady Warriors.

“I was very satisfied with how the girls played,” Moriarty head coach Val Luker said about the Ruidoso win. “I liked the fact that they were winning the ball and staying focused, working together, and communicating.”

Moriarty (9-8-1, 3-1 District 4-1A/4A) came out strong from the outset and effectively penetrated Ruidoso’s side of the field the entire first half.


Ashley Strader moving the ball into scoring position during last Saturday’s game against Ruidoso. Photo by G. Demarest.

As the Lady Pintos continuously attacked the Warriors’ goal Moriarty was awarded a number of corner kicks: a kick from the corner by the attacking team after the defending team has knocked the ball out of bounds behind its goal.

In the 23rd minute—following a Moriarty corner kick—the ball deflected off Emma Rocco and bounded toward Ashley Strader.

Strader immediately drilled the ball into the goal from 10 yards out to put the Lady Pintos up 1-0. “I kind of hit it off the bounce with my right foot and into the left corner,” Strader said.

Ten minutes later, Strader kicked a through ball—a pass that gets through defenders and into the open space in front of the opposing team’s goalkeeper—and Chloe Rector was there to tap it in from 6 yards out.

“I honestly didn’t think it was gonna get through, I thought someone was gonna get it,” Rector said. “And [a Ruidoso defender] was pushing me on the back and I got around her and I saw the goalie didn’t come out, so I waited till she came out and I just put it in.”

After seeing her shot find the back of the net Rector thrust her arms upward and ran toward Strader. The two teammates slapped their palms together in a dual high-five celebration.

“Every time we make a goal that’s just what goes down,” Rector said.

In the second half Moriarty played a lot of its bench but still kept the Lady Warriors of the scoreboard.

“We were able to stretch their defense pretty well and they were only at our end of the field like three times,” Luker said.