3:30 p.m. Mountainair is ready to help out with evacuation efforts if it becomes necessary, but the town’s resources have not yet been called on, said Mayor Chester Riley.

Both Riley and town clerk Suzan Brazil said the Dr. Saul Community Center, Mountainair High School, and the rodeo grounds are available if needed as crews continue to fight the 17,000-acre Dog Head Fire.

“We’ve got the community building if anybody needs to go and stay there,” Brazil said, adding that the rodeo grounds will be made available for livestock if needed and the Mountainair High School can be activated the Red Cross if it becomes necessary as well.

Brazil said people should call the town office at 505-847-2321 during office hours, or call her directly at 505-847-7470, and she will put residents in touch with getting help.

At Alpine Alley, owners Mary and Scott Childers have helped out the firefighting effort by providing 125 meals and said the restaurant has been busy with fire personnel. “I’m just grateful to have so many people willing to volunteer and fight the fires,” Scott Childers said.

“So far we haven’t been called on,” Riley said. “It’s a terrible thing that happened to those people. If they need it, we’ve got it.”