A community-painted mural at the Edgewood library, the brainchild of librarians Andrea Corvin and Rachel Martinez, is ongoing through April 9.

During the regular hours the library is open, community members are invited to stop by and help paint a mural filling a hallway in the library.

The library has been in its location in the old Edgewood Elementary School building, also home to town hall, since 2017. “Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to do some type of mural on the walls and the solar hallway,” Corvin said. “It’s just we never had the time and couldn’t do it. We’re getting back up and going again and we always love having community engagement opportunities.”

She said she got the basic idea as a student back at Mountainview Elementary School. When she was a student there, a mural was painted. “I just remember how they did it with a grid, and so I was like well, we gotta plan it with a grid, and then that’s going to help us do it a little bit easier. … I wanted it to be something anybody could participate in, for the most part. Everybody likes adult coloring pages and that doesn’t require any artistic skill … and so that basically was the concept.”

Neither Corvin nor Martinez are trained artists, but both are creative and willing to try out ideas, Corvin said.

The design for the mural is Martinez’ original art, which she painted in black on the wall, like a gigantic page from a coloring book. The library is making paint, brushes and other supplies available, and people are painting in the mural.

The library is looking for volunteers, Corvin said. Typically volunteers commit to one day a week, with four hour shifts, she said. Contact the library at 505-281-0138 to find out more.

The mural painting project is ongoing through Saturday, April 9. For details, look for the Edgewood Community Library on Facebook, or call the number above.