Edgewood Police Chief Fred Radosevich outside the town's new facility. Photo by Julie Castle.

Edgewood Police Chief Fred Radosevich outside the town’s new facility. Photo by Julie Castle.

The Edgewood Police Department expects to be using its new digs by Monday morning, according to Chief Fred Radosevich.

Radosevich reported to the town council last week that the new facility on Section 16, just off N.M. 344, should be in operation by Nov. 16.

Radosevich said he believes the State Police will continue to occupy the current space near Walgreens. The animal control department will also get a new home, with that expected to be ready around the first of December, he said.

The new space will include offices, a training room, a holding room, evidence room and arms room, Radosevich said. “The [town’s] vision is to make that the downtown area,” Radosevich said. “I know there’s plans for a town hall slash library, all in that same area. I think it will bring that whole area together.”

The police department will be “somewhat operational by Monday,” the chief said, adding that the administrative office may not be open all the time. “We’re still dispatched out of Santa Fe,” he explained. “If someone needs an officer they should call 911 or the dispatch number.” That number is 800-742-1144.

Animal control officer Mike Ring did not return calls to The Independent for comment on the new animal shelter.