The Village of Tijeras is making some personnel changes by appointing Hallie Brown as the Village Manager and Clerk and has plans to hire an intern for senior meal service operations.

The village’s current manager and clerk, Mike Wismer, is stepping down due to health reasons, Mayor Jake Bruton said in village meeting.

“Mike has been just an intricate, intricate part of our administration here,” he said. “He’s done fantastic things, but he’s got a few health concerns that he needs to address, and I’m saddened to be losing him because he’s such a valuable asset to our community and to this office. … Mike, you’re going to be missed, buddy. You’re not just my clerk, you’ve become a friend.”

“It’s been a good run folks, and I have really appreciated working with a strong team,” Wismer said.

Brown, Wismer’s replacement, said she was also saddened by his departure.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor over the last, I guess I’ve been here five months,” she said. “I’ve really appreciated his guidance and leadership. I’m going to miss him dearly and I speak for the whole office staff when I say that.”

The motion was made by Councilor Maxine Wilson and seconded by Councilor Yvette Garcia.

Brown will become the new Village Manager and Clerk effective Aug. 1.

Tijeras also plans to hire an intern to help with meal site operations for senior citizens, Brown said.

“[We] took a site visit … to Manzano Multigenerational center and North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center just to observe how they’re processing being a meal site, being a place for seniors to collect meals for their lunches,” Brown said.

She said that none of the places she visited had fewer than four people working, and the hiring of an intern would help ensure the meal plan initiative would be as successful as possible.

She also said that the meals coordinator is driving to all the homes of the seniors who need meals, but the village would transition to a drive-through system at the senior center.

The intern would be on staff for about seven to nine months, Brown said, and would work part-time for $10 an hour. Brown said she is looking to hire locally.