A 60-year old man, Joseph Harvey, is dead, shot by his wife, but no charges have yet been filed, according to Torrance County Sheriff Heath White.

White said a 911 call came in the late evening of March 3, saying that a man had been shot. Arriving at the scene, White said, “we located a male subject with a gunshot wound to his body,” performing CPR until paramedics arrived and pronounced him dead.

“Right now it’s a homicide investigation,” White said. “We have to investigate all avenues,” White said. “Like I said, she’s been fully cooperative with us, and fulfilled everything required of her. There’s been no arrest.”

White declined to name the woman because no charges have been brought against her. He said she is not a flight risk, adding that his department is compiling evidence and plans to meet with the District Attorney’s office later this week “to decide what’s going to happen from here.”