A new year and what’s in store for us? If you don’t have room on your property for a gypsy caravan, your grandmother did not read tea leaves and you did not understand the James Bond movie with tarot cards, then you do not know any more than anyone else about what’s coming up.

Last January and February we only had a hint of what was it—a pandemic? Naaah. A new “flu” type of illness was coming our way. No one started out in a panic and then, by March, our world turned upside down. There is no reason to belabor the position we’ve had; it’s been a ride to hell and back. And let us not believe with a new vaccine that we are over the crisis. We are not, and all need to stay covered and separated.

All of New Mexico is fed up with the restrictions. I can visualize now it could have been worse. In the beginning everyone made mistakes; this was an illness we “did not understand.” For those of us that have dodged the bullet, we are fortunate, and need to keep on the safe side until we all have the vaccine with proof it works. I plan on taking it. I was there when all school children were lined up and given polio shots. I was only six, but I remember everyone took one.

Now we have those who do not believe in modern medicine. No shots for them, and it is absolutely their Constitutional right. These rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit, not the guarantee, of happiness. You don’t have to take shots. Just stay away from me. I also have the right of life and to pursue my own happiness.

New Mexico is especially full of “heal thyself” experts in medicine. They insist on being called doctor and they advise happy thoughts and fruit juice for cancer. This advice is not against the law, it is just against life.

We have the largest rate of non-vaccinated kids in Taos and Santa Fe. You can get a religious waiver, “We do not believe in medicine, only God can heal.” And you have non-religious waivers, “It does not match with my lifestyle.” If those without shots do not harm ones who do, you go guys. I do believe in a higher power and have a church; I still pray for people who are sick. I am sure it does not hurt.

I am a firm believer of the Darwin Awards, honoring Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of evolution. Darwin’s philosophy is “Big Fish EAT Little Fish.” Each year the “Darwin Awards” commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible. For example: in 2019, (the stats are not in on 2020),

A. An ISIS fighter in Iraq was killed by the drone he launched to attack United Kingdom troops based near Mosul. The UK security source reported, “This idiot wired up a drone with explosives, but was killed when the batteries ran low, and the drone flew home.” It detonated over the ISIS fighter’s head with fatal consequences.

B. A poacher in South Africa crept into a national park to kill and maim rhinos. These less than humans drug the animal until it can’t move; then the horn is hacked off the innocent face and the large mammal is left to bleed to death in agony and fear. Here is the Darwin news, the rhino poacher was killed by an elephant and eaten by lions. Darwin wins. Unfortunately for the rhinos they are an endangered species.

C. And a real example of freedom and pursuit of happiness? In Louisiana’s Lake St. Charles, two Texans, one 32 and the other 23, decided not to wait for the Black Bayou Drawbridge to close up. You see, it was closed to cars and open for boats. The Texan twosome drove a Chevy Cruze. One guy got out and pushed up the safety gate, he jumped back inside the car. “Shoot the gap,” was what they were heard to yell. The gate attendant said, “If the road’s IQ is higher than yours you fail. Don’t take the test.” Darwin wins!

The future is always unclear, but if you don’t compete in the Darwin Awards, you will come out ahead. Roaring Mouse…not afraid of a shot, out.