On August 14, the Moriarty Fire Department responded to a plane crash at the Moriarty Airport, and then to a car fire the next day. According to Moriarty Fire Department Chief Todd Hart, there were no injuries at either incident.

Hart said the fire department reported that the plane ran off the runway and was found to have “wing and front gear damage.” He could not confirm the reason for the crash.

The City of Moriarty Fire and Police Department responded as well as the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department.

“The plane did what is known as a ground loop,” said Moriarty Airport Manager Bob Hudson. He said the planes are very sensitive on landing, and that the pilot didn’t catch the correction in time and ran off of the runway. “It’s not uncommon,” he said.

“It is unfortunate, but these things happen,” Hudson said, adding, “It’s sad the plane got banged up pretty bad and will probably never fly again.”

The vehicle fire occurred at County Line Feed Store in the afternoon Aug. 15.

Hart said the fire was “mechanical caused.” The owner of the car was unharmed and the fire was extinguished quickly, he said. The City of Moriarty Fire Department, the Santa Fe County Fire Deparment and the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department all responded to the incident.

Photos courtesy of the Moriarty Fire Department.